Basic Examples

Circle Spire

A circle spiring out with border of all colors. Its trail is so gentle that the whole image looks like a magic light spreading out from the very center.

Color Tower

Color can grow, from the bottom of your screen to the top. This examples creates a growing cylinder with all bright colors. Want to have a look? Please press the button "Open".

Fan Flower

When you open a Ancient Chinese fan which looks like a sector, do you ever think of getting many of them and putting the fans together? This example does this for you, and surprising they are arranged in the shape of a beautiful flower!

Attractive Point: Use random colors for the fans. You can run the example for many times, and every time you will see a totally different flower blooming only for you!


With a few commands to the turtle, you can create an eight-petaled flower with gradient color. Come and explore this surprisingly short example.

Gravity Ball

A colorful ball is dropping down to the ground! Want to see how it speeds up before hit the ground? Come and pick this example.


Create a colorful hexagram inside a hexagon. This code is extremely short and easy for starters.


During the Modern Age, buildings coming out from every corner in the world, breaking the earth surface. You can experience the growing from this small world model.

Attractive Point: Colorful "buildings" of different height.


The turtle walks in a strange trail. You may not realize what it is drawing at first. However, after the drawing is finished, you will find out that it seems like many pilgrims looking at the same place. Isn't that amazing?

Note: This example is a bit abstract. You may disagree whether if looks like pilgrims. But one thing is sure that the program itself is amazing.


Here is a way to draw a colorful propeller. It's easy, very easy, but most people will never think of this kind of way to draw things. If you don't understand how it is drawn, open this example and have a look!

Slalom Scroll

Have you ever experienced a slalom? It is a race asking you to ski past several poles placed on the snow. No? It doesn't matter, as you can have a look at it in this example. You can see colorful trails in the snow, from right to the left, gently passed the poles. You can even imagine that you are the one who is in the ski field, trying to get the first prize!

Soft Pentacle

Pentacles are seen everywhere, but have you ever seen a soft pentacle whose horns can be bended? Never? Please have a look at this example as soon as possible!


Come and see how a sphere grows from the bottom. A round shape with gradient color from white to blue finally appears on your screen, looking real. You can experience the 3-D power of this wonderful app through the drawing of this beautiful smooth shape.


A basic and amazing way of using one turtle to form four spiral arms at the same time. With just several blocks, you can enjoy an attractive spire formed by only straight lines.

Attractive Point: Particularly chosen colors which are picked randomly but do not look messy.

Square Flower

You put many same squares and make one of their corners at the same point. What will you see? A bunch of squares? No, you will see a flower, a square flower!


A sun rises on your screen, made of beautiful, elegant curves. It is red and orange, in order to remind you of the delightful days filled with warm sunshine.

Attractive Point: Use turtle movement to create trails with changing width, direction and color.


Wintersweet is a kind of five-petaled flower blooming in the winter. This example use big and small wintersweet flowers putting together, and create an amazing image of this kind of flower.